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2017 Agenda

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  • A closer look at the future of apprenticeships and the operation of the apprenticeship levy after 2020
  • Reflecting on the biggest reform of Technical Education for over 70 years and ensuring institutions and businesses are prepared for the move to T-Levels alongside other vocational qualifications
  • Supporting adult progression into employment or further education by improving basic digital skills from 2020

  • Overview of the Education Inspection Framework 2019, and how this will further students’ prospects of further study, training or work
  • Understanding how Ofsted is working within an emerging landscape of employer-based provision, FE group structures and new providers
  • Reviewing Ofsted approach to the development of quality apprenticeships

  • Increasing the quality of apprenticeships and ensuring apprenticeship training and end-point assessments are at the highest quality
  • Ensuring the success of the first wave of T-level’s, in collaboration with employers and the FE sector
  • Improving the transparency and the affordability of apprenticeship programmes and positioning it as an attractive route to skilled employment and further development
  • Supporting learners from a diverse background and education to learn new skills which will increase their prospects for long term employment

  • Encouraging on-going and meaningful dialogue around skills policy between enterprise, education providers and government
  • Understanding the impact of traineeships, adult re- and upskilling, new technology and the delivery of T-levels on employers
  • Reducing government bureaucracy and ensuring that there is enough flexibility in the skills and employment system
  • Reviewing the impact of apprenticeships on micro businesses and SMES’s and best practice for balancing the off the job training requirement for apprentices

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Stream 1
  • Improving progression pathways and encouraging the workforce to move forward in their careers and succeed, through a cycle of continuous skills development
  • A critical look at the future of work in the face of automation
  • Examining how the workplace can support the learning process and ensure that the workforce has the skills needed for the future world of work