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Gareth Hetherington

Director of the Ulster University Economic Policy Centre (NICEP) - Ulster University

Gareth Hetherington is Director of the Ulster University Economic Policy Centre. The Centre carries out a broad range of economic policy focused research to inform Government on key policy and strategy decisions.  The Centre is currently working with Central Government in the areas of labour market research, skills development and competitiveness and with Local Government in Community Planning and economic development strategies.

Gareth provides regular economic commentary in the media and is often invited to provide evidence to Stormont Committees on economic development policy in areas such as non-domestic rates and mitigation measures against the impact of COVID.

Gareth is also a member of the High Street Task Force set up by The Executive Office, the Northern Ireland Skills Council and is Chair of the South Eastern Regional College.  He has also been recently appointed as a Council member of the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.